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Radon Mitigation Madison WI

Radon mitigation Madison WI

Radon mitigation Madison WI is a great concern in Wisconsin that requires a radon specialist to help test, mitigate, and remove radon gas.

At Wisconsin Radon Specialists, we are the premier Madison WI radon mitigation company. We pride ourselves in bringing quality radon services to not only mitigate but also educate local residents about radon.

So what is Radon Gas?

You’ve heard about Radon gas before or perhaps this is the first you’re hearing about radon (it’s fine if it’s your first time, many Americans are  unaware of it as well). So what is this radon?

Radon is an invisible, colorless, and odorless yet very dangerous gas that is produced naturally during the breakdown of uranium in water bodies, rocks, and in the soil. Radon has the ability to stack itself in water bodies, rocks, and soils, thus accumulating and making its way into homes.

It is a very deadly radioactive gas that causes cancer. The gas known as radon is the leading cause of cancer among non-smokers in America and the second leading cause of lung cancer overall.


Okay? So How Does Radon Get In My Madison WI Home?

Houses breathe in and out just like humans do and this process can create cracks and gaps in the walls. Coupled with the fact that radon is a very penetrative gas, it finds its way through these cracks and holes and accumulates to very high levels over time.

Because Radon is an invisible, colorless, and odorless gas it is difficult to perceive and know when Radon is present in your home. Due to this very unique fact, it is very important you carry out Radon testing in your home and frequently too. After which conducting Radon mitigation Wisconsin is imperative.

Radon Levels By Zip Code Wisconsin

The radon levels by zip code in Wisconsin show that Radon levels in southeast Wisconsin are about 1.4pCi/L above the national average.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that Radon levels above 4.0pCi/L is highly dangerous and requires immediate Radon mitigation. The Radon map of Wisconsin also shows that 2 out of every 10 homes in the state are at risk of high radon levels.

From this, it is clear that Madison and Wisconsin average about 5.4pCi/L radon levels which totally out scales the national recommended average.

wisconsin radon map

These statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services make it imperative for you to install a Wisconsin Radon mitigation system. Also to know your home’s exact Radon levels by conducting Radon tests regularly.

You can conduct a Radon test in less than 24 hours from us and get a Radon mitigation system installed in around the same time frame when you contact us now! (Free 5 minutes quote included)

radon levels in madison

Should I Even Worry About Radon In Madison WI?

If the above statistics failed to strike a chord in you, then I’m sure the following reasons will…

Madison Radon Levels Are High.

As highlighted earlier the Radon levels in Madison and Wisconsin in general at an all-time high as around 2 in 10 (an alarming 20%) homes have Radon levels considered to be dangerous.

The radon levels across America averages around 1.3pCi/L, however, the levels in and around the midwestern states average way above this. Many cities in Wisconsin, including Madison, do have radon levels averaging 5.4pCi/L and above. With this being, 1.4 above the level considered as safe by the EPA.

Still not worried about Radon enough? And don’t think you need services for Radon Mitigation Madison WI

Radon causes cancer and 21000 Deaths!

Yes, you read right!  Radon is responsible for about 21000 deaths yearly, in the United States alone!. This number is higher than the number of deaths from other dangerous gasses like uranium and carbon monoxide. To put it into further perspective radon kills 49 times more people than carbon monoxide does. 49X!!!

Furthermore, radon is a major cause of cancer. Many studies have shown that radon is responsible for a high amount of lung cancer among Americans. The deadly effects of radon are highlighted by the fact that it is the second-largest cause of lung cancer in America and the largest cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Crazy right? Read further…

Of the 21000 deaths attributed to radon, about 3000 of the victims have never smoked in their life.  The saddest part about this is that many of these victims never knew about radon until it was too late!

So why should you even worry about radon? you have to worry before it becomes too late. So get in touch with us today and get a specialist radon Mitigation Madison service!


Madison WI Radon Mitigation Services

As part of our contribution to help Madison and Wisconsin inhabitants know more about radon gas and it’s damaging effects, we offer the following Wisconsin radon specialist services.

1. Radon Testing Madison WI

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, one out of every 10 homes in Wisconsin has high radon levels. Despite these statistics, only a handful of people are aware of what Radon is and the effects Radon can cause.

Therefore it is imperative that before carrying out Madison wi radon mitigation, you first conduct Radon testing to know your home’s exact Radon levels.  Conducting Radon testing in Madison Wisconsin is crucial because the average Radon levels for homes in the state is about 5.4pCi/L. This is way above the EPA recommended levels 4.0pCi/L.

Accordingly, radon testing is necessary to know the exact levels in your home and to know if radon mitigation or remediation is required or not. To conduct a radon test, there are various DIY Radon test kits available but for accurate and precise Radon readings, a Wisconsin Radon Specialist is needed. You can get in contact with our specialists today and get tested for Radon in as fast as 24 hours! Get in touch!

radon testing madison
radon removal wisconsin

2. Radon Mitigation Madison WI

After testing for Radon in my Madison WI home, now what? I’m glad you asked!

After conducting a Radon test and knowing your radon levels, the next step is to carry out Radon mitigation. Carrying out Radon mitigation in Madison basically entails installing a Radon mitigation system. There are various systems available to use and you can find them here.

Installing a Radon mitigation system is a special art that requires a Wisconsin Radon services provider. You have to ensure a Wisconsin Radon specialist like us conducts the installation to avoid any search installations that may lead to further complications. Want to carry out Radon mitigation Madison WI then fill out our form and get a free quote in less than 5 minutes.

3. Radon System Repair

Do you already have a Radon system installed in your Wisconsin home, but your radon levels still read high? If this is the case then it’s better to repair your already existing Radon system than to install a new one.

This is not always the case though, repairing a radon system will depend on the quality of the system installed, the condition of the radon fans, and the age of the middle relief system. If everything is in good condition then by all means a Radon system repair will do just fine.

Again contacting a Wisconsin Radon specialist to carry out this operation is important because you do not want a repeat of a previously faulty system. You want a world-class effective Radon mitigation Madison WI system once and for good! Get your radon system repaired today!

radon mitigation system repair wisconsin
radon in wisconsin homes

4. Radon mitigation for homeowners in Madison wi

You bought a home in Madison Wisconsin, first off, congratulations! It’s no mean feat!

Secondly, what you want to do is to conduct a Radon testing in your Madison home to know the exact level of Radon present in it. The last thing you want to do is to live or raise a family in a home brimming with radon.

In fact, we recommend that, before making the final payment for your home, you test it out for radon. Then subsequently conduct Wisconsin Radon mitigation immediately!

Therefore if you are looking to buy a home or looking to test your existing home for radon, give us a call and we’ll be at your home in less than 24 hours!

5. Radon in Madison Wisconsin, real estate transactions

So you are looking to buy a home or you are an agent looking to sell a property, but don’t know the Radon levels it has. Well, you are not alone. The majority of our customers are real estate agents looking to test and conduct Radon mitigation and Radon remediation on a property before selling it off.

Radon plays an important role in real estate transactions and it is recommended that all newly built homes install a Radon mitigation system. Ensure you meet this requirement today by getting in touch with us to install a Radon mitigation system in your Wisconsin home.

radon in real estate transactions

Our Happy Clients

Don’t Just Take our word, Hear from our esteemed customers

Brenda March

"I was looking for a Madison WI radon mitigation company when I first learned about radon at work and came across Bob and his crew. They listened to me very patiently and installed me a radon mitigation system in a short time. It's been 2years now and my radon levels are still low.

James Gulf

"I had a different company install radon back in Milwaukee and was going to call the same company to do the same until a friend recommended these great guys. They're the best at Radon Mitigation Wisconsin and I will always recommend them. From testing to radon remediation, everything was done seamlessly! My radon levels were reduced drastically."

Veronica Brown

"When radon testing showed my levels to be at 6.2pCi/L, my heart sank. I had only just moved in two months prior. I contacted Bob and the Wisconsin Radon Specialist team and after answering a few questions, they gave me a very very reasonable quote. They also assured me that my levels will be drastically reduced. It's about 6 months now and my radon levels read 1.2pCi/L. No radon mitigation service near me I'll recommend than them!'

Ryan Jose

" I lost an Aunt to Lung cancer and in the process of educating myself more about Radon gas, i came across these guys. We had an honest discussion and after a couple of days i installed a radon remediation system in my house and office here in Iowa County. I trust them as the best at Radon in Madison. extremely polite, friendly and a very very professional team".

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Radon Services

Where does Wisconsin radon specialists serve?

We have been the top company in Wisconsin Radon services for over a decade. We have served the whole of Wisconsin with great distinction. Wisconsin Radon Specialists serve the whole of Wisconsin state with our main offices in Madison.

Over the years, the residents of Madison and its surrounding counties have relied on us as their preferred radon contractor. We offer our services counties like Green County, Iowa County, Dane County, Lafayette County, Sauk County, Columbia County, Jefferson County, Rock County, Richland County, and Dodge County.

We are a proud Wisconsin local Business, who also offer radon services outside our base. We also offer out of state services in Neighboring states like Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan.

Give the Wisconsin Radon Specialists a Call today, for expert Radon services! 

Radon Mitigation Madison WI Cost

The cost for Radon mitigation, Radon testing, and Radon remediation in Madison Wisconsin depends on each house. Each Madison home is unique and different from the other so it is perfectly fine if your neighbor’s Radon mitigation was done at a lesser cost than yours.

Several factors do go into determining the Radon mitigation Madison wi cost. This includes the time needed for the job, the cost of materials, the type of home you have, and your location in Madison. However, these factors don’t mean you have to deal with astronomical prices from other so-called Wisconsin radon services providers.

Also, in your bid to get a fair and cheap price, be careful not to contact a rip-off radon company near you. One who will give you a quote just so they can secure a sale whilst leaving you with a defective Radon mitigation system.

Want to ensure you don’t fall for ripoffs and ensure you get the fairest quotes for Radon Mitigation Madison WI? then call us now!

Radon Mitigation System Madison WI

You have tested for Radon and now you know you need Radon mitigation. What are now the available Radon mitigation systems in Madison Wisconsin? You should note that the radon mitigation systems available differ from one another in terms of size, price, and installation setup.

Several factors affect the mitigation system that will best suit you. The chief of these is the radon mitigation system cost Madison WI. The size of your home, age of your home, the type of home, and location of your home are all important factors in determining the type of mitigation system to be installed.

That being said, the radon mitigation systems Madison can be grouped into the following:
Active & Passive soil depressurization systems, the sub-slab, and crawlspace systems. Read more about these systems here.

Radon mitigation system cost Madison WI

Now you know the Radon mitigation systems available to you. But how much do these systems cost exactly? As highlighted previously, each home differs, just like every finger is not equal. Thus the system installed in your neighbor’s down the block will be of a different cost to yours.

The average Radon mitigation system cost in Madison WI, is between $1000 – $3000, depending on some key questions.

Some of these vital questions include; How big is your home, What type of foundation is it seating on? Does it Have a drainage system? How old is it?

Answer a few questions like the above and get a free quote from us today!

Frequently asked questions about Madison wi Radon mitigation.

Still haven’t made your mind up about contacting us or you want to get more understanding about radon? Here are some of the frequent questions asked about Radon mitigation Madison WI.

Where does Radon come from?

Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium and radium in the soil. This activity allows for Radon gas to escape into the soil and air.

How do I know my Radon levels?

To know your radon levels, you have to conduct Radon testing using the Radon test kits available.
The majority of Radon test kits in Madison WI are DIY and can be gotten from as low as $50 to about $250. However, it is recommended that Radon testing be carried out by a certified Wisconsin Radon services provider.

At what level should you mitigate Radon?

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommend that you test for Radon regularly. Also that you mitigate Radon levels when they exceed 4.0pCi/L. This is because radon action exceeding this level is considered highly dangerous.

Where can I find radon in my house?

Radon concentrates and accumulates in places with cracks, holes, and gaps. In the home, you can find Radon in your walls and more commonly in your basement and home floors.

I have high Radon levels in my house, what should I do about it?

The first thing you want to do about the Radon levels in your house is to contact a Radon specialist. They will be in the best place to tell you the best cause of action which could either be to conduct a test to ensure the Radon readings are correct or to install a radon mitigation system or order for Radon remediation.

Is Radon A Problem in Wisconsin?

The average Radon levels in Minnesota seats at 5.4pCi/L, which is a serious problem because the national new comedian level is 4.0pCi/L. So yes Radon is a problem in Wisconsin.

What are the symptoms of Radon in your home?

Because Radon is colorless and odorless, it’s often doesn’t give more symptoms unless Radon testing is done.
However, symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, severe cough, and pains in the chest in a non-smoker can be a sign of Radon exposure.

Can you reduce Radon by opening Windows?

No, you cannot reduce Radon Levels just by opening your windows. It’s like trying to paint your house by just splashing paint on the walls with your hands. A conscious Radon mitigation process need to be put in place to help reduce and remove radon from your home.

Should I buy a house with high Radon gas levels?

It is not advised that you buy a home with high Radon concentration without installing a Radon mitigation system. Since Radon causes cancer you buying a home with high Radon levels without installing a Radon removal system will expose you and your family to the cancer-causing gas. You should ensure the home you’re buying is tested and mitigated of radon before making the purchase.

Is radon in a home a deal-breaker?

For home buyers, if the house has no system in place, and no other mitigation system is installed then it is not advisable to purchase it.

As a real estate agent selling a home with high Radon levels is somewhat unethical. As such you should make a conscious effort to mitigate and reduce the Radon levels in the said house.

Is radon worse in Winter than in the summer?

Radon is a very deadly gas. Statistics have shown that Radon levels tend To be higher during the winter months than summer months. Thus, the best time to mitigate for Radon is usually the winter period.

When Is The Best Time To Mitigate For Radon?

Radon can and should be tested and mitigated all year round. However, studies have shown that radon mitigation is best done during the winter months.

Can I mitigate the Radon in my home myself?

There are several DIY radon materials out there that can enable one to mitigate Radon themselves. However, for better results and accuracy, it is recommended that a Radon specialist handles your Radon mitigation.

How much does Radon testing cost in Wisconsin?

Radon tests can be done from about $50 to around $250. There are several DIY Radon testing kits available which cost between the aforementioned range. A professional Radon test in Wisconsin can cost from $100 to about $400 depending on several factors.

How much does Radon mitigation system cost in Wisconsin?

Because Radon mitigation depends on several factors like the age, size, type, and location of your home. The average cost of radon mitigation in Wisconsin ranges from $1000 to $3000.

Service Areas

We serve the Following areas in Madison Wisconsin, with great distinction.

  • Columbia County Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation
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