Radon Mitigation Madison cost

Radon Mitigation Madison wi cost

Knowing the price radon mitigation Madison WI cost is a great way to gauge your expenses when installing a radon mitigation system in your home. Naturally, you’ll be looking to getting radon mitigated after conducting radon testing in your Madison Wisconsin home. If you haven’t tested for radon, give us a call on now.

We often come in contact with many homeowners and real estate agents as well as business people who want to know How Much does radon mitigation cost in Madison? If you’re one such curious person, then this post will give you a detailed guide on the subject. So read below to know the Radon Mitigation Madison Wi cost…

What Is Radon and Why Do I Need Radon Mitigation?

It is important you get an understanding of what radon is as it will aid you in making an informed decision on how to mitigate it.

Radon is an invincible, odorless, and colorless gas that enters homes and buildings through cracks and holes in its walls and basements. Radon gas is naturally occurring during the breakdown of uranium in rocks and soils.

High radon exposure can lead to long term health defects, such as lung cancer and even death. Radon, as a matter of fact, claims over 21,000 lives yearly. Thus making it necessary for you to test and mitigate it.

How Much Does Radon Testing Madison WI Cost?

Before moving on to the cost of radon mitigation, it is important to know how much it would cost you to ascertain if your radon levels are high. This will not only help you make an informed decision on the best radon mitigation system to install but also to ensure you and your family are safe from the deadly gas.

The price of radon testing in Wisconsin depends on several factors like whether you’re using a DIY radon test kit or you’re employing a Wisconsin Radon Specialist. Also, the size of your house comes into play.

However, the average price of mitigating radon is between $40 – $250 in Wisconsin. You can read more about Wisconsin Radon service here as well as know more about radon tests.

Factors That Determine Radon Mitigation Costs?

Mitigating radon has no nailed down price. There are many factors that determine the price to mitigate your home. Let’s explore the factors that determine the radon mitigation Madison WI cost below.

Factor 1:

The Radon Mitigation System To Be Installed: This is the biggest determining factor in radon mitigation prices. There are several radon mitigation systems available that can be installed in both homes and commercial buildings. You can read about some of these systems here. Each system differs from the other and each command its own price.

Factor 2:

The Size of Your Home: Naturally, bigger homes and homes with more rooms cost more to mitigate than smaller ones. The reason for this is simply that, the more rooms there are in the home, the more cracks and holes there will be in its walls. Thus the more materials, and work needed to do an effective job.

Factor 3:

Type Of House: The of makeup of a home is also vital in radon mitigation costs. Homes with basements require different radon systems, so do homes with crawlspaces. Homes on solid foundations can command a different amount. For homes with a basement, the mitigation systems will be installed there and can be relatively cheaper.

Factor 4:

The Age Of Homes: Older more traditional homes cost more to mitigate than modern homes. By older homes, we mean homes built before the 1990s. Many 21st century homes do have mild and passive radon mitigation systems installed in them that reduce radon, so installing a more passive system will cost less.

Factor 5:

Level of Radon In Your Home: The level of radon recorded through radon testing can also determine the price you pay to mitigate radon. Statistically, homes in southwestern Wisconsin have higher radon levels and will most likely cost more to mitigate. The radon levels in Madison are also high and residents can find themselves paying a bit more for radon removal.

Now that we do know the factors that can determine how much you pay to remove radon from your home and keep you and your family safe, let us see how much it will actually cost to remove radon

The Cost Of Mitigating radon In Madison WI

Mitigating radon is unique to each home or building and so is the price. The average cost to mitigate radon is between $1000 to $3,000. This price depends on the factors mentioned above.

To mitigate homes with already existing passive radon mitigation systems will be as low as $800 to about $1500. Big homes with plenty of rooms command a radon mitigation price of between $2,000 to as high as $4,000.

If a home has crawlspaces, basements, and other places of convenience, the price can fall between $1,500 to $2,500. These prices are not nailed on supermarket type price tags. They can differ from home to home and from one radon mitigation company to another. You have to be careful not to contact a ripoff company for Wisconsin radon services as many would give really low prices and install a defective system for you. A certified radon professional and contractor is who you need.

At Wisconsin radon Specialists, we give radon mitigation quotes with three things in mind. You and your family’s safety is the first and most important. Us doing a professional job and lastly ensuring you get the best value for your money spent.

You can call us today to verify if the price given to you by another radon mitigation company is right. Get in Touch and we’ll not only verify a previously quoted price but also give you a fresh quote in minutes for FREE!


You should immediately begin radon remediation as soon as you are aware of what radon gas is and its harsh health and social effects. In the words of the Environmental protection Agency, “Remediation should be undertaken as soon as practicable and at higher concentrations, greater urgency is recommended”

You do not have to wait for your home radon action levels to reach extremely high levels before looking for a radon solution. Doing so could be too late as long radon gas exposure causes lung cancer. Radon is known to cause about 21,000 deaths yearly and cause more lung cancer cases than any other thing bar cigarettes.

Therefore, you should make a decision now to conduct radon mitigation Madison WI, by calling us on 608- 470- 7640

Frequently Asked Questions About Radon Mitigation Madison Cost

Here are some of the most common questions we get about radon mitigation Madison Wi cost.

Why Does One Home Cost More to Mitigate Than another?

The answer to this brilliant question is simple. Each home is different from one another and as highlighted earlier, the age, size, makeup, and importantly the location of your home all determine how much you pay for radon mitigation.

Thus when we get customers wondering why their previous home cost less to mitigate and also why their neighbor down the road spent less to install a mitigation system. We simply reply that each home is different.

Will I Spend Extra Money After Installing a Radon Mitigation System?

You do not have to incur any extra cost after an installation quote has been given and even after installing the setup. However, as with any other home appliance you have, radon mitigation systems do require maintenance over time. You need to change some pipes and fans as well to help keep your radon levels low.

Radon Fans? How Much Do They Cost?

In Madison Wisconsin, radon fans can costs between $100 to about $300 to install or replace in your radon mitigation system. Radon fans are crucial in radon mitigation as they help disperse the radon gas from your home to the outside air.

Do Radon Fans Use Electricity?

Yes, radon mitigation systems and radon fans do run on electricity. Radon fans do not however consume so high an amount of electricity. With a radon fan, you’ll be looking at paying between $50 to $300 extra in electricity bills annually.

Still not satisfied? Want to ask more questions about the cost of mitigation radon? Then get on a call with one of our Wisconsin Radon Specialists now!

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