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Radon Test Kits Wisconsin

Radon Test Kits Wisconsin

Using radon test kits to know your radon levels, is the first step in any radon mitigation process. There are some free radon test kits available in Wisconsin and provided for by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and each county government.

Testing for radon is basically taking a conscious effort to know the level of radon as concentrated in your house. Radon measurement can be carried out either by using one of the available DIY radon test kits or by contacting a radon specialist.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services recommend testing and reduce radon even before your radon action levels reach the minimum 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCi/L)pCi/L. This is because prevention is better than cure. It is better to spend a few hundred/thousand dollars to test and install a mitigation system than being diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Are There Free Radon Test In Wisconsin

Some counties in Wisconsin like Waukesha County do offer free radon test kits to its residents. The Department of Health in Wisconsin also does provide free radon test kits from time to time.

There are however very affordable radon test kits you can use to measure your home’s radon levels in Wisconsin. The majority of the test kits are DIY whilst others have to be supervised for a Certified Wisconsin Radon Specialist!

Best Radon Testing Kits Wisconsin

There are broadly two types of radon test kits:  The short term and the long term radon test kits. As the name suggests, the short term radon detectors, test radon for shorter periods; like a few days. The long term test kits detect radon for much longer periods before giving results.

Read below for more information on the two different types of radon test kits Wisconsin.

Short Term Radon Detectors:

The short term radon measurement devices scan for radon in a home usually between 24 hours and one week. The purpose of short term kits is to produce quick and rapid results enabling one arrive at a decision on radon mitigation faster. This is especially if the home is to be sold or the situation requires to test for radon quickly.

There are various short term radon detectors out there and some of them include;

  • The Safety Siren Pro(Series 3) Radon Test Kit
  • The Short Term Kansas University Radon Test Kit
  • The First Alert RD1 Radon Measurement Kits
  •  The Accustar Carbon Radon Detection Kit

Short term radon test kits cost between $50 to about $200 in Wisconsin and are mostly DIY.

short term radon test kits

Long Term Radon Detectors:

The long term test kits are used to test for radon over long periods of time. They produce radon results as quick as a few weeks, but some do take months to give accurate radon levels. These radon kits help monitor the radon levels of a place for long periods of time to ensure an accurate measurement is known.

Some of the best long term radon testing kits in Wisconsin include;

  • The Airthings Corentium Radon Detectors
  • The Kansas University Long Term Radon Test Kits
  • RSSI Alpha Track Long Term Radon Measurement Kit

Long term kits can be a bit more pricey, but do a great job of monitoring radon levels over time. They cost between $150 to $400.

long term radon testing kits

How Do I Understand My Radon Test Results?

Understanding and interpreting your radon test results is not as hard as many think it is. With a bit of guidance, you too can read radon levels like a professional radon contractor. Below is how to understand your radon test results and the cause of action needed.

The radon map in Wisconsin below gives a great idea of how to understand your radon test results

wisconsin radon map

If Your Radon Result is Less than 4 pCi/L-

This is the recommended level by the EPA and no immediate test is required. You, however, need to monitor this level ideally once every 6 months.

If Your Radon Results is Between 4-7 pCi/L-

This is above the “safe” level. As such, you not only need to conduct a further test or two but install a radon mitigation system in place to reduce the radon level.

Call us on 608 – 470 – 7640 to get your home mitigated immediately!

If Your Radon Result Reads 8 pCi/L and above –

This is way above the safe level and is a cause for alarm. You not only want to test again for confirmation of the exact level but do so using a radon specialist in Wisconsin. If your home reads above 8pCi/L then arrangements for radon mitigation are needed immediately as well.

You can make arrangements for radon mitigation and remediation by speaking with our radon specialists on 12233

Radon is a very deadly radioactive gas that not only causes lung cancer. It is responsible for well over 21,000 deaths each year. Furthermore, the high average radon levels in Wisconsin make radon a matter of urgent importance.

Testing for radon is the first step to protecting your family from its harsh effects. After that, you want a specialist radon contractor in Wisconsin to help you remediate and reduce the radon in your house. 

Speak to us today and get a free quote. We will not only give you a fair estimate but also Educate you more about radon, Install a proper radon mitigation system and ensure you and your family are safe. 

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