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Radon Testing Madison WI

Radon Testing Madison WI is the first step to reducing and removing radon in your Madison Wisconsin home. Testing for radon is basically taking a conscious effort to know the level of radon as concentrated in your house.

A radon measurement can be carried out either by using one of the available DIY radon test kits or by contacting a radon specialist. The later is your best bet for accurate results and if you live in the city of Madison Wisconsin, then contact us today for a swift and precise Radon test!

What is radon and how does Radon Testing Madison Wi work?

Radon is simply an invincible, odorless and colorless gas that occurs naturally in the soil from the breakdown of uranium in the soils or rocks. This gas carries high radioactivity and is considered deadly when the levels exceed 4.0pCi/L according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 

This gas often enters homes through cracks and holes in the walls and more frequently, your basement. With the power to accumulate overtime, radon concentrates in a home to dangerous levels leaving the inhabitants at risk of severe health issues like cancer. This is why radon testing in Madison is a necessity!

Radon testing Madison WI, is the very first step in the radon removal or radon reduction or mitigation process. It works by ascertaining for sure if the radon levels in a said building(private home or commercial building) have reached dangerous levels. Radon levels above 4.0pCi/L as highlighted above is considered dangerous according to both the EPA and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.


Why Should I Test My Madison Home For Radon?

As mentioned earlier, radon is a deadly cancer-causing gas. Radon is responsible for extremely high amounts of lung cancer cases nationwide. Radon claims around 21,000 deaths each year alone, a figure that is 49X more fatalities than carbon monoxide. 

Radon is also heralded as the second biggest cause of lung cancer in America and the biggest in non-smokers. This alone should trigger your desire to have your home tested for radon and seek radon solution today.

radon causes cancer

Furthermore, the levels of radon gas concentration are high in Madison and in Wisconsin as a whole. It is estimated that one in 10 Wisconsin homes have high radon levels and in Madison, the number is up to 20%. You and your family could be living, breathing, sleeping and raising kids in a radon hotbed as we speak.  This is simply why you should test your home in Madison WI for radon. 

radon levels in madison

How Long Will It Take To Test My Home For Radon?

Radon measurement is not like radon mitigation or remediation. Radon tests can be carried out as quickly as 24 hours using some of the short term test kits. The test kits for radon can be classed into both the short term and long term radon test kits. The short term kits average about 48hours in producing test results. Whilst the latter can take several weeks, however, they do produce more accurate and steady results.

There are several DIY radon test kits that can do a decent job of giving you a fair idea of your radon levels, and one of such is the Menards radon test kit. However, as radon is a delicate subject involving life, a Wisconsin Radon Specialist is who you want to contact for radon solution. Call us now and we’ll be at your doorsteps in a few hours!

radon measurement madison wisconsin

How Often Should I test For Radon?

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends you test for radon every two years.

If you radon levels read close to 4.0pCi/L, it is recommended you test for radon frequently to know your average radon levels over of period of time, say six moths.  Doing this helps you make an informed decision on radon mitigation and also ensures you’re not caught off guard by high radon levels.

Radon Testing Cost Madison WI

The radon testing costs in Madison Wisconsin as with other cities across America depend largely on the type of testing kits used and also the person conducting the test.

There are primarily two types of radon testing kits, namely the Active and Passive Radon test Kits.  Passive radon test kits cost between $40 – $150 while Active test kits are priced between $50 – $250.

Wisconsin radon specialists do charge a couple of extra dollars to test your home for radon. You can find out our very fair and affordable rate when you give us a call now!

How Do we test for Radon In Madison Wisconsin?

Our process for radon testing Madison WI is a very simple and quick 5 step ladder. See how you can contact us for your radon solution in these five easy steps.

Step #1: 

Give us a call on 608 – 470 -7640 or simply fill out our form here on the website to request for a Free quote. Our quotes are the fairest of any radon mitigation company near you!

Step #2: 

After giving you a quote, we’ll set up an in-person consultation at your home in 24 hours.​

Step #3: 

One of our trained Wisconsin radon specialists, will be at your home to carry out a test. They’ll go through your home and show you potential spots where radon could be entering your home. Our specialist will proceed to set up a CRM, or “Continuous Radon Monitor”, in your home. This will continuously take the level of radon concentration in your home for two to three days

Step #4: 

After the radon testing is completed, We will then proceed to determine if radon mitigation, or radon removal, is necessary. We also offer further, even more accurate, retesting options if you would like to know the radon gas levels of your home over a longer period of time.

Step #5: 

If we agree and decide to have radon mitigation or radon reduction done, our staff will walk you through the steps needed to remove radon from your home. Find out more about Radon Mitigation System here.

After this, you, your health, and that of your family will be perfectly safe from radon. You can sleep and live peacefully in your home, knowing it is radon free!

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